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Real time electricity production emissions by country

Current emissions in Portugal

Should I plug in?

Electricity emissions in Portugal are below last years average

26.4 g CO2eq/km
123 g full load
264 g per hour
5 g per hour
How are these values calculated?
Electric vehicle

Value calculated for a charge of 4.5 kWh (792 g), equals 30km on an EV with a consumption of 15 kWh/100km

Washing machine

Complete wash is 0.7 kWh, calculated on full load at 40º on a A efficient equipment

Air conditioning

One hour of use is 1.5 kWh, calculated on a equipment A efficient of 9000BTU, temperature 22º


One hour of use is 30 Wh, calculated on a laptop with moderate use (internet browsing, email, etc)

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