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2019 yearly report

In 2019 all but three countries tracked in Nowtricity reduced their emissions from energy production. The ones that didn't, only increased their annually average emissions bellow 5 g CO2eq/kWh.

Coal seems to be on the way out, with every single country that still uses it as a source for energy reducing their usage. Germany registered the highest drop in coal usage, minus 49.6 TWh in 2019. Even if their energy production was lower in 2019 (less 22.3 TWh energy produced) coal percentage in the energy mix is down by 8%.

Spain, on the other hand, produced the same amount of energy in 2019 but reduced their coal usage in 24.6 TWh.

In total, of all countries tracked in Nowtricity, there was a decrease of 131 TWh in energy generated using coal.

Aggregated production by energy source for 2019

The following table is an aggregated comparison between 2019 and the previous year for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Energy sourceRenewableProduction 2018Production 2019
Biomass98.1 TWh (3.4%)101.6 TWh (3.6%)
Geothermal5.6 TWh (0.2%)5.7 TWh (0.2%)
Hydro437.2 TWh (15.2%)407.2 TWh (14.4%)
Hydro Storage32.0 TWh (1.1%)29.3 TWh (1.0%)
Solar105.9 TWh (3.8%)113.3 TWh (4.1%)
Wind285.4 TWh (10.0%)318.5 TWh (11.2%)
Wind (Offshore)45.6 TWh (1.6%)57.9 TWh (2.0%)
Coal295.1 TWh (10.3%)206.0 TWh (7.3%)
Coal (Lignite)231.2 TWh (8.0%)190.4 TWh (6.8%)
Gas435.0 TWh (15.1%)541.9 TWh (19.1%)
Nuclear767.2 TWh (26.8%)762.4 TWh (27.0%)
Oil10.1 TWh (0.3%)11.5 TWh (0.4%)
Other103.3 TWh (3.7%)67.2 TWh (2.4%)
Waste14.1 TWh (0.5%)14.0 TWh (0.5%)
Total production and percentage in energy mix for each energy type, per year.
35% renewable
2,865.8 TWh
36% renewable
2,826.8 TWh

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