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2023 yearly report

The past year marked a significant milestone for renewable energy, as Europe shattered installation records for a single year, as reported by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IEA).

The production of wind and solar energy experienced notable growth, showcasing their increasing importance in the energy landscape. While hydroelectric power also saw an uptick, it has yet to reach the production levels achieved in 2021, grappling with the lingering impact of the unprecedented drought of 2022 in Europe.

Nuclear energy remains the predominant energy source in the scrutinized countries. However, akin to the situation with hydroelectric power, production values have not surpassed those of 2021.

Encouragingly, both coal and gas witnessed a decline in usage, underscoring a positive trend towards cleaner and more sustainable energy options.

Aggregated production by energy source for 2023

The following table is an aggregated comparison between 2023 and the previous year for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Energy sourceRenewableProduction 2022Production 2023
Biomass99.5 TWh (3.5%)91.5 TWh (3.3%)
Geothermal5.1 TWh (0.2%)5.3 TWh (0.2%)
Hydro404.8 TWh (14.1%)457.4 TWh (16.3%)
Hydro Storage42.8 TWh (1.5%)54.3 TWh (2.0%)
Solar178.8 TWh (6.2%)216.5 TWh (7.7%)
Wind374.7 TWh (13.1%)416.8 TWh (15.0%)
Wind (Offshore)73.2 TWh (2.6%)74.1 TWh (2.6%)
Coal213.1 TWh (7.4%)151.2 TWh (5.4%)
Coal (Lignite)241.5 TWh (8.4%)186.7 TWh (6.7%)
Gas523.5 TWh (18.3%)427.1 TWh (15.2%)
Nuclear642.2 TWh (22.4%)654.5 TWh (23.4%)
Oil13.2 TWh (0.5%)11.7 TWh (0.4%)
Other33.2 TWh (1.2%)33.8 TWh (1.2%)
Waste15.8 TWh (0.6%)16.9 TWh (0.6%)
Total production and percentage in energy mix for each energy type, per year.
41% renewable
2,861.4 TWh
47% renewable
2,797.9 TWh

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